New Prototype Avaiable

Yes, you didn't read wrong.
I'm sure you guys want another Phoenix' DEMO - and fast! - because of the success of the last one.
Well, I'm releasing it this week, I don't know when, but I'm gonna do it.
Until it's ready, enjoy another prototype of Sonic Phoenix: the "Released 1002".


Sorry for no screenshots, looks like Photobucket's down.
Background credit goes to Duckboy and Nite Shadow.

Triggers are:
Arrow Keys/Joy Keys: moves Sonic
Button Z/Joy1 ~on air~: Jump
Button Z/Joy1 ~next to walls~: Wall Kick
Button X/Joy2 ~on the ground, not running fast~: Slide
Button X/Joy2 ~on the ground, running fast~: Speed Boost
Button C/Joy3 ~on air, near to an enemy or important item~: Homming Attack
Button C/Joy3 ~on air, no enemies near~: Homming Attack Temp. I just don't know how to call it; just makes you go to front.
Enter: if you REALLY want to pause the game, press this key.

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