Going ahead

Okay, people. Here I am again.

I'm here to say that SPhoenix' first DEMO (AKA SAGE DEMO) is almost done, on the final test and bug fixings.
Actually, I must admit that I stopped making Sonic Phoenix for 2 months because I was exhausted.
Yes, exhausted, because I wasn't having any comments for my game on certain forums (haha! You were certainmly expecting that I would say the name of the forums, but I won't.). So, I beg you, IF YOU REALLY WANNA SEE THE FINAL VERSION OF SONIC PHOENIX, or if you REALLY like it, come talk with me. I wanna hear your opinion and your suggestion.
Okay, let's talk about the final gameplay.
The first comment I had of Sonic Phoenix is that it would be a hold-right adventure (if you don't know what's it, it's a game that you press right [or left] almost all the time).
I won't say that it isn't hold-right, because it is, but I don't feel like it. To play Phoenix, you don't have to only run all the level or only get items. You must do a mixture of the two things and change the best path that'll bring you more points in a small time.

Well, that's it for now. Download is comming soon. =D

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