Almost fainting

Okay, people. Long time I don't come here to say things about our favorite Hedgehog fangame.
The fact is... almost one month ago, I lost almost everything. Yes, almost, because I still have the Base Engine, but the misc crap (like the timezone gimmick), I lost. That's what happens when you don't make a backup.
But anyways, this made me learn two things: 1.Always make backup files of my games and 2.Make a better Sonic Phoenix, full of awesomeness.
First of all, I've released a prototype, called BETA 602, which you can download here. Triggers are:

Arrow Keys/Joy Keys: moves Sonic
Button Z/Joy1 ~on air~: Jump
Button Z/Joy1 ~next to walls~: Wall Kick
Button X/Joy2 ~on the ground, not running fast~: Slide
Button X/Joy2 ~on air~: Hard Stomp
Button X/Joy2 ~on the ground, running fast~: Speed Boost
Button X/Joy2 ~holding when grinding~: Accelerate
Button C/Joy3 ~on air, near to an enemy or important item~: Homming Attack (for this move, you must notice if there's any red target over an enemy)
Button C/Joy3 ~on air, no enemies near~: Homming Attack Temp. I just don't know how to call it; just makes you go to front.
Button F12/Joy4 ~When with control~: Increases frame rate. Good if you want the time to pass faster.
Enter: if you REALLY want to pause the game, press this key.

Second, I've deleted Cross from the script for now.
"Oh no, Cross is deleted from the game?"
No. I'm just putting it aside for now; I'm exhausted of its bad graphics. Instead of using it, I've started developing the level "Wasteland: Ruined Metropolis".
Here's a pic or two.

If you want to see Sonic in action, I made a video showing a sample of Wasteland; an official trailer.

Cya guys.
Oh! And the blog will pass on some updates here. So, don't worry if it appears strange on a certain period of time.

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