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Hello, everyone! What a beautiful day, huh?

Well, let's start with some new stuff.

As I had SO MUCH graphics here, I decided to store it on the game so everyone could see. This is the birth of Sonic Phoenix' Visual Mode.

Photo: Early Visual Mode example.

Photo: Final Visual Mode view

But, as I know you don't wanna wait, I'll show you a concept art or two:

1. Vehicles ~ Dragon's Breath:

A small and weak four-wheeled vehicle, specially made for off-road situations. Can throw flames in a temperature +100°C from its frontal cannon.

2. Vehicles ~ Black Widow:

A powerful and compact battle car equipped with eletromagnectic cannons on its back that allows it to recycle almost every kind of metal INSTANTLY into homing missiles or huge bullets.

3. Construction Bot

A huge static robot made by Eggman with strong photon-moved arms for the construction of Avalon, over the space, for quick material transporting. Very useful against Demon, since it could make different kind of attacks with its hands.

Hmm, and, before I forget, thanks to Gear_The_Hedgehog, for the final logo of Sonic Phoenix:

That's it. See you!

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