Some news to make you happy.

So, I decided to talk about some of my ideas for the new Sonic Phoenix. They include VERY INTERACTIVE FOOTAGE. So interactive that I want to share it with the world.

To start, I wanna make a semi-opensource thing. Like, a BIG fangame association; imagine all your fangames have the same system of XBox 360's points. You acumulate some kind of virtual coins for the purpose of buying things.

This is the root of the "Starshine Tokens".

These virtual coins allows you to do multiple things like playing minigames and getting ACs on the company websites (Additional Contents. A sequel for DLCs.)

This is very simple. You play the game, you get your STs (Starshine Tokens) and you go to the mini store on the game menu (like Extras). You can select a... dunno, Roller Coaster Minigame or another funny ones (I promise I'll create some good ones). Or, if you don't want to, you can buy additional levels for your game (I was planning it on Sonic Phoenix, and I think I know how to make it on MMF2Dev).

More things could be added, but that's it.

Not easy to understand? I'll explain it on Sonic Phoenix.

- Get an S rank, get 6 STs (this one is gradative. If you got an A, you'll get 5 STs; if you got a B, you'll get 4 STs...);
- Get a Phoenix Fire (the key for the special stage on the game. There's one on each level, independent if you have gotten the level's Chaos Emerald), get 10 STs;
- Get a Chaos Emerald, get 50 STs;
- Win a boss, get 20 STs.

I think that's it. A last thing I wanna say is... LH Games won't hold all the project of STs. I want every fangame making this interactive thing on his fangame (LH Games would release opensource some of the coding of it), but first, I need opinions.

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