LH's birthday update

Ow well. Here I am for my B-day update.

I was supposed to release this at July 13th, but I'm a bit in a hurry with some things here, and I'm a bit afraid I can get the Suine Flu; but whatever. Time for the screenshots.

From top to bottom:

1 - ...prototype start screen. Blargh, don't know of what am I going to do here, btw.

2 - Before every stage... your mission. I'm pretending to put 3 missions, like acts, for every stage. Like, first mission is reach the goal, second is a special mission and the third is a boss. So, three chances to get the "key" (better say this word) to the Special Stage (Chaos Emeralds' Challenge is back, lol). I'll put more effects on this screen.

3 - New main menu. The coloured circles will be buttons (I'll change the icons), and the green bar is the Sidebar, which appears when the mouse is near to the right side of the screen. The final one will contain different gimmicks.

4 - A little example of the new titlecard. I was thinking in changing it, so...

Ummm... May I say... well, if you have any suggestion for this, contact me. I would be full of happiness, lol.

That's it.

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